From one crisis to another. From the economic crisis of 2008 to the crisis of Covid-19. We have experienced the impact of cuts to public services and we have seen communities and activists respond with mutual aid and self organising spaces of collective care, where communities conceive health and care in an expanded way: not only by providing access to medical services and equipment, but also by providing solidarity in the form of psychological support, defence against domestic violence, support in struggles for housing and income and sustaining environments for cultural production.
The impacts of Covid-19 are not only a crisis of healthcare and the future debt crisis will not only be an economic crisis. This event is intended as a space for the presentation of initiatives and for shared reflection on the ways activists have self organised in response to these crisis. To start the dialogue and introduce participants we will share testimonies and collective experiences in advance of the event.

From austerity and debt to public space and health as commons

Stories – Experiences – Strategies