• Collectively addressing strategic issues for the commons

Common horizons (for the common movement) is a proposal based on the recognition of the diversity of gender, de-colonialism (north/south), and the diversity of opinions and ideological approaches that make up the commons movement. It aims to create conditions for collectively addressing strategic issues for the commons informed by a process of open dialogue with the mixed production of documentation in terms of knowledge (academic/practical), culture and languages, forms of expression (modes of expression, analogue/digital, artistic/journalistic…) and of encounter (offline/online).

It gives continuity to the process started between 2018 and 2020 within the commons movement of the WSFTE (World Social Forum of Transformative Economies) and the process of confluence, for activism and commons practices through Commons Camps.


The objective will be to produce a collection of digitally documented events that address the issues and concerns of the commons movement, the contributions of commons to these issues and the strategies at work around these issues.

Stories – Experiencies – Strategies